Convenient & Effective

Diagnostic Kits

Today, clinicians are seeing an increasing number of patients diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes that require constant monitoring. There’s also a movement toward more home-based healthcare. As a result, diagnostic kit sales continue to grow. As these kits evolve for home use, companies depend on packaging that protects sensitive diagnostic components while making them easier and more comfortable for patients to use. The materials should also ensure that the devices are more durable, providing a convenient and effective solution for patients who prefer to carry out diagnostic tests in their own homes.


  • UV additives that deliver protection for your light-sensitive products
  • Translucent TPE grades formulated without animal derivatives and offering excellent colorability
  • Customizable TPEs for injection molding or overmolding applications, such as seals and caps
  • Functional additives for UV protection, reduction of static electricity buildup, protection against oxidation, and more
  • Compliant colorants that provide shelf appeal and product protection  

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