Light or Rugged? Both!

Trucking Walls, Liners & Aerodynamic Components

Lightweight, Rugged Material Solutions for Trucks

Your trailers are built for heavy loads—but they don't have to be heavy loads. Choose from a range of materials to create lightweight yet rugged panels, floors, doors and liners that can support any cargo easily without the density and bulk of metal. With our dependable composite laminates and panels, you can manufacture reliable rigs that stand up to harshness on the highway and in the trailer.


  • Make weigh station stops easier on your drivers by using lightweight sandwich panel composites for flooring and trailer walls.
  • Improve fuel efficiency with durable, flexible and corrosion-resistant composites for aerodynamic skirts and fairings

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Polystrand™ Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic panels and reinforcement Lightweight Thermal insulation
Glasforms™ CRTM™ Composite sandwich panels High impact strength Load bearing