LEDs & Lighting

Design Meets Function

The LED luminaire market is developing quickly, with double-digit demand growth expected for the foreseeable future. But product costs need to drop for this growth to be realized. That means there's a need for more efficient manufacturing with innovative new materials.

We have extensive experience helping manufacturers of LEDs and other forms of lighting to manufacture dependable parts more efficiently. For example, leaders in the industry are collaborating with us to transition from metal to thermally conductive polymers. The change increases design options, reduces weight and improves manufacturability.

Rely on our experience to help you select the optimal polymer system for your application. We'll collaborate with you from idea to finished parts, and can support you every step of the way. We offer a full range of sustainable solutions that are WEEE and RoHS compliant.

In this highly competitive market, it pays to collaborate with a globally active, highly innovative supplier of specialty polymers. We help you reduce the cost per lumen, while also improving your product’s brand identity via design freedom and differentiation.


Lighting & Fixtures

Housing, Bulbs, Wire & Cable Jacketing, Sockets, Switches, Reflectors, Plugs, Power Cords