Keeping the Lights On

Trucking Lighting

Materials for Truck Lighting Systems

From the glow off the tachometer and speedometer to the exterior lights on the cab, a truck’s lighting system is critical to its look, feel, and safety properties. Choosing Avient materials can help to create interior and exterior lighting with just the right color and clarity. Our products for lighting systems allow for maximum output, control heat, and withstand harsh conditions inside and outside the car.


  • Lighting systems that incorporate materials from Avient’s broad portfolio are more likely to maintain the integrity of their design
  • Liquid and solid masterbatch colorants differentiate exterior lights—often without adding enormous cost
  • LED useful life is affected by temperature, and aluminum heat sinks are prone to hot spots – to keep your lights cooler and running longer, replace aluminum with thermally conductive polymers

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Therma-Tech™ Thermally conducive materials Up to 20 W/mK in _______ direction
OnColor™ Solid masterbatch colorants Vehicle color harmony Thousands of OEM approvals
ColorMatrix™ Liquid colorants