Sealed and Secure

Caps and Closures

Caps and Closures

Caps and Closures play a crucial role in beverage packaging

Caps and closures may seem like a small part of the beverage package, but they play a crucial role in delivering high quality beverages to consumers. Creating high integrity seals ensuring product safety and quality, while still being able to easily open and reclose for the consumer, is no small task. Additives, TPE liners and overmolding can help converters deliver high-performance closures that maintain quality.


  • Liquid and masterbatch colorants to provide shelf appeal and product protection 
  • UV additives that deliver product protection for UV sensitive nutrients and colorants
  • O2 Scavengers that actively scavenging oxygen from sealed packages, increasing shelf life for O2 sensitive products
  • TPE cap liners for hot fill teas and juices
  • Soft touch TPEs for over-molded caps to help your consumers open your products more easily
  • Processing additives and nucleating agents for dimensional stability
  • Laser marking additives to deliver on cap promotion, authentication, and consumer interaction

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