Wrapping It All Up


Packaging plays a critical role in engaging consumers with your brand. Take advantage of our exceptional breadth of polymer solutions, along with our design capabilities and industry expertise, to create distinctive packaging that combines innovative functionality with high shelf impact.

Design for Shelf Appeal and Consumer Engagement: Consumers are faced with an ever expanding set of choices at retail today. Standing out on the shelf has never been more important. We can work with you to develop packaging that not only differentiates your brand by engaging consumers during their first discovery at retail but continues to engage them during product usage.

Protect your Brand: Our barrier solutions and performance additives deliver product protection and extended shelf life to help you deliver high quality products to consumers every time. As a global supplier with global formulations, we'll help you maintain regional product consistency wherever you are in the world.

Ensure Sustainable Solutions: Plastic packaging is one of the 20th century’s most important inventions: it’s highly recyclable, consumes less water and energy than paper and other materials, and is a safe way to deliver products while preserving their quality. Yet it's also an irrefutable fact that plastic packaging is a major cause of global littering and pollution. The market is being forced to reassess what happens at the end of the product’s life, and to develop sustainable solutions to dispose of, or reuse, packaging post-consumption. Avient’s commitment to sustainable packaging reaches throughout the product lifecycle. We offer products that are specially designed to increase plastic recycling capabilities. We also offer a multitude of experience in manufacturing masterbatches suitable for compostability with the use of biodegradable and bio-based polymers. 

Focus Areas


We can help you develop tailored barrier solutions that protect the quality of your packaged food products.


As leaders in colorants and additives for PET packaging, we have extensive experience developing high-performance materials, colorants and additives for beverage containers and closures.

Personal Care

Enhance brand presence and deliver dynamic shelf impact with our solutions for personal care packaging.


We understand the challenges you face to deliver engaging cosmetic packaging that reflects your consumer's lifestyle, and we've developed a portfolio of solutions that will fascinate.


Consumers are becoming more and more pressed for time. They're looking for products that can help them reduce the amount of time they spend cleaning and completing household chores. Packaging is increasingly playing a role in helping brands offer the time-saving convenience that consumers desire.


Browse our portfolio of solutions for medical and pharmaceutical packaging.


Delivering protective performance with our polymer based solutions for industrial applications.