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Wearable Devices

Wearable electronic devices are an established market, but not a mature one. There's plenty of upside and an emphasis on cutting-edge developments. As consumer demands for additional functionality develop, so do demands on the materials you select to enable next generation products. Because wearables often interface with the body 24/7, they need to be designed for long-term skin contact.

Avient can help. We have extensive experience formulating specialty polymers for wearable devices. We can provide guidance on the pros and cons of various materials so you can make an informed material decision. We understand what it takes to limit the risk of skin sensitivity issues using engineered materials designed for prolonged skin contact. We help you identify materials that offer consumer-pleasing sensory qualities and are most compatible with your manufacturing processes.

Our colorant and additive solutions can strengthen your branding, offer antimicrobial protection, support your anti-counterfeiting efforts, help you meet goals for sustainability…and more. Our specialty materials help you create durable, lightweight products and our wear-resistant and self-lubricating polymer solutions can reduce premature component failure.

Together we can elevate your next breakthrough design to rock star status. Collaborate with Avient and see what a positive difference the right polymer supplier can make.


Wearable Electronic Devices

Smart Watches, Headsets, Wearable Healthcare Devices, Smart Jewelry, Activity Tracker, GPS Watches, Augmented Reality, Earbuds 



Engineered Polymer Formulations Polymer Colorants
Stat-Tech™ Static Dissipative and Conductive Formulations Smartbatch™ Color & Additive Concentrates
Therma-Tech™ Thermally Conductive Formulations  
LubriOne™ Internally Lubricated Formulations  
reSound Biopolymer Formulations  
ECCOH™ Low Smoke and Fume, Non-Halogen (LSFOH) Formulations  


Polymer Additives Thermoplastic Elastomers
WithStand™ Antimicrobial Formulations Versaflex™ CE Elastomer
Percept™ Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies Versaflex™ TPE Alloys

Fashion Electronics

E-Textiles, Smart Garments, Smart Fabrics, Smart Shirts