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Under Hood Components

Automotive Materials for the Underhood Environment

It may be dual-temperature controlled in the car, but it’s cooking under that hood. The amounts of heat and electromagnetic interference generated by the engine and electrical systems powering your vehicles are enormous. Our automotive material solutions can provide you with a nearly limitless range of polymers that stand up to the underhood rigor. Whatever your need for chemical resistance, heat management, conductivity, or shielding, you’ll find an industry-leading technology to satisfy it.


  • Work with us to custom-formulate any resin to meet your application needs for the harsh underhood environment
  • Kick rust to the curb by moving from metal to plastic
  • From modules to air vent flaps, automotive HVAC systems around the world use our TPEs and
  • One spark in a fuel system can lead to catastrophe. Stat-Tech™ electrically conductive materials manage that risk by dissipating electrical charges.

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Nymax™ & Bergamid™ Polyamide formulations Chemical resistance Color matching
Stat-Tech™ Electrically conductive materials Formulated to meet specific application needs Antistatic and electrostatic discharge
Therma-Tech™ Thermally conductive materials Up to 20 W/mK conductivity Electrically isolative or insulative
Edgetek™ PKE Glass-reinforced polyketone thermoplastics Dimensional stability Formulated with more eco-conscious base resin
Edgetek™ Toughened PPA Polyphthalamide formulations High temperature performance and excellent impact resistance Low moisture absorption