At the Touch of a Fingertip

User Interfaces

Vehicle Control Materials

With a simple touch, swipe or voice command, a driver can “tell” vehicle infotainment systems to play a favorite song, calculate directions, or phone home. It’s so easy because sophisticated electronics manufacturers do the hard part so well. They create complex behind-the-scenes information systems that make it simple to control a vehicle’s electronics. With the right materials, you, too, can be the master of this human-machine interface.


  • Exercise your design creativity with materials for two-shot (hard/soft) applications for such components as buttons and knobs
  • Keep your costs contained and your components lean and space-conscious by choosing lightweight engineered materials

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
GLS™ OnFlex™ Soft-touch TPE
Therma-Tech™ Thermally conductive materials Up to 20 W/mK Inherent corrosion/oxidation resistance
Stat-Tech™ Electrically conductive materials 102 -105 ohms/sq range Custom formulated physical properties