Improving Quality of 100% Recycled PET (rPET) Content

Improving Quality of 100% Recycled PET (rPET) Content

The Challenge

PET packaging can be easily recycled, yet plastic packaging waste in landfills and oceans is increasing worldwide. In response, countries are putting forth legislation that specifies minimum recycled content for packaging. Brand owners themselves are committing to increased recycled content beyond these regulations. As a result, the demand for high quality rPET packaging has never been greater.

The Solution

ColorMatrixTM CaptureTM Oxygen Scavenger is an emerging technology for the monolayer PET packaging market. It works to create an active barrier against oxygen ingress, helping to enhance product protection and extend shelf life. This fully recyclable oxygen barrier has APR Critical Guidance Recognition. It provides clarity with no discoloration, enabling higher rPET content or use of any PET grade, and with no negative impact to the recycle stream. During the recycling process, aesthetics and oxygen scavenging performance can be negatively affected. ColorMatrixTM AmosorbTM 4020R addresses this performance issue and is the latest in a portfolio of solutions Avient has developed to enable high-quality recycled packaging.

The Impact

Capture is added to the bottle closure, effectively removing the barrier from the bottle. The scavenger in the closure can be separated from the PET during recycling and closures are 100% compatible with the closure recycle stream. By moving the oxygen scavenger to the cap, there is greater flexibility and even lightweighting options for the bottle design. This emerging technology was developed in 2021 and is undergoing testing with major brand owners.

Amosorb 4020R delivers full, consistent oxygen scavenging performance with 25 percent, 50 percent, and even 100 percent rPET content. This new solution also improves the aesthetics of recycled packaging in terms of haze and color, including a reduction in the yellowing effect that may occur during recycling. In addition, the additive is compatible with many different rPET grades to help brand owners achieve their sustainability targets.