Making the Invisible Visible

Medical Equipment

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Polymer Solutions for Imaging Equipment


Non-invasive imaging is one of medicine’s superpowers—allowing physicians to see into our bodies to detect internal injuries or anomalies. But non-invasive medical imaging equipment has vulnerabilities. As a manufacturer, you can minimize those vulnerabilities by selecting Avient materials that shield medical imaging equipment from the effects of harsh hospital cleaning chemicals, electrical interference, and extreme heat. Your selection of the appropriate materials can protect patients from the side effects of medical imaging. Also, when using imaging equipment, Avient has polymeric alternatives to the use of lead blankets, when limiting exposure during non-invasive medical and dental imaging.  Finally, our elastomer products can dampen noise and vibrations when using the equipment.


Harmful Radiation-based Equipment

Protect practitioners and patients from excessive radiation during CT scans and X-rays by designing equipment surrounded by protective materials.

Harmful Radiation-based Equipment

Other Imaging Equipment

Build MRI, thermography, and ultrasound devices with materials that can withstand repeated cleanings, are impact resistant, and meet flammability requirements.

Other imaging equipment