Cleaner and Safer Internal Automotive Parts 2018 Sustainability Report

If a car looks appealing on the lot, it will get a lot of looks. If it feels good and operates smoothly inside, it will attract even more buyers. From aesthetic features, such as the shade of the dashboard, to technology components such as the interactive GPS screen, we offer materials that create a comfortable, safe and reliable experience for drivers.

Following China’s legislation of Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) regulations in 2017, global OEMs are increasingly focused on reducing the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), fogging and odor in new vehicles.

Avient’s Onflex™ Lo TPE and Maxxam™ engineered material formulations are used for interior HVAC air flaps, trays, console carrier and instrument panels, and related interior parts. These solutions helped one of our customers satisfy high Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) standards without compromising desired surface finish, gloss level, mechanical property or density. Maxxam™ helped the customer reduce the VOCs and fogging in their newly launched models by up to 80%, without compromising desired mechanical property or surface finish. Onflex™ Lo TPE helped the same customer replace traditional PU foaming materials for HVAC sealing components, which greatly improved the VOC levels to meet local vehicle interior air quality standards. These formulations consistently achieve 3.0 per VDA 278, meeting the specifications of automotive OEMs globally.