Renewable Energy From Floating Solar Panels - 2018 Sustainability Report

Solar energy is part of a sustainable solution to address the challenges of increasing energy demand, decreasing natural resources, and a changing environment. Floating solar panels are mounted on structures that float on large bodies of water. In some cases, 1 float generates enough energy to power 375 homes for a year*.

However, this alternative energy solution has its challenges. Existing industry solutions fail to protect panels from outdoor exposure and harsh weather conditions. And this is where PolyOne made a huge difference for one customer. Smartbatch™ Color and Additive Concentrates offered unparalleled UV weathering protection color concentrates for their solar power stations. Smartbatch™ also enhanced the customer’s power generation efficiency by 10%, while providing shielding to prevent algae growth. We helped them reduce their carbon footprint by reducing evaporation. Fixed in idle waters in Taiwan, our integrated colorant and anti-UV solution is expected to provide 25 years of weathering resistant performance.

*1 float = 10kgs, 1 MW= 3,100~3,700 floats (3.5 MT MB)