Innovation: Formulating for the Future

Innovation and sustainability are embedded in the culture at Avient. As a specialty materials formulator, our proven ability to innovate materials that enable our customers’ sustainability goals, while delivering performance, is a key differentiator for our company. In fact, our sustainable solutions portfolio has grown nearly 3.5x since our baseline year 2016.

As we have transformed from a commodity company to a true specialty formulator, our guiding principles are outlined in our Sustainability Promise. Our people and material science expertise drive our innovation pipeline. We have enabled our innovation strategy through continued investment in R&D, Sales and Marketing. One measure of innovation success we use is our Vitality Index, which shows the percentage of our specialty sales generated from solutions introduced in the last five years. In 2022, our Vitality Index reached 33%, validating the strength of our technology portfolio.




Revenue from Sustainable Solutions

Investment in Innovation

Vitality Index R & D Spend