Longer Range, Lighter Weight

Automotive Materials for Electrical & Battery Systems

There’s no longer a question about how vehicles will be powered in the future – all roads point directly to electrification. It goes without saying, but electric vehicles require vastly different components than their gas-guzzling forbearers. With the added challenge of affordability and range extension goals, requirements for materials that can support evolving designs and parts are getting tougher all the time.

Thermoplastic composites can help you leap so many of the hurdles that electrification brings, from lightweight and strong materials that offset larger, heavier batteries to metal replacement options for sensitive electronic housings or even headliners. What’s more, these materials are easy to process using standard thermoforming (sheets and laminates) and injection molding (selective reinforcement tapes). No autoclave needed.


  • Offset the weight of a larger battery with thermoformed composite battery trays
  • Give liners and pillars the strength to resist sagging with high strength-to-weight ratio composites
  • Doors, liftgates and seats made from thermoplastic composites reduce weight and boost mileage per charge

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Polystrand™ Thermoplastic composite sheet, laminates and tapes High strength-to-weight ratio Laminates can be customized to meet requirements