Winning Smiles with Antimicrobial Additives

The Challenge

Personal care products have the potential to be exposed to harmful microbes. Antimicrobial additives work to resist, inhibit and prevent the growth of microbes including bacteria and mold. A well-known manufacturer of private label toothbrushes and dental care products for national drug store chains chose Avient to enhance the performance of their toothbrushes.

The Solution

Our teams researched the best combination of additive and carrier resin for the application. Because the toothbrushes were molded in both clear and opaque resins, the team had to explore two different avenues—one that preserved clarity and one that retained opacity. In a relatively short time, the Avient team was able to formulate additives that performed well at lower let-down ratios.

As an added benefit, Avient designed a universal carrier that enabled the manufacturer to use the same additives across a variety of olefins, elastomers, and other resins. These customized additives are now a part of our broader WithStand™ antimicrobial additive family.

The Impact

WithStand™ additives provided a low let-down ratio that resulted in a 30% cost savings per year. Coupled with their ability to be used across a variety of different resins, These antimicrobial additives provided significant value while protecting against microbial degradation, mold and mildew. These additives also helped to reduce odor, reduce staining, reduce discoloration, and improve mechanical properties.