Prognosticating Color Trends


ColorForward is the annual prognosticator of color concepts for future consumer products in the plastic industry. This unique tool has become invaluable to plastic product designers and marketing professionals seeking help in making more informed color choices for new products and packaging.

ColorForward is developed by a group of color and social trends specialists and industry and marketing experts from around the world. The color selection is based on intensive research of the societal trends that are reaching prominence around the world and the influences they will have, consciously or unconsciously, on color preferences over the next few years. This leads to the selection of four main trend themes and, for each theme, a palette of five colors that are predicted to elicit a response from consumers. 

The forecasted colors are not to be seen as fixed or limited choices, but as stimulants to inspiration and imagination. They should be explored, interpreted and adapted to reinforce brand equity and to serve a variety of product and marketing needs, as well as specific regional influences.

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