Thermoplastic Elastomers for Healthcare

Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers

Game-Changing Flexibility

Versaflex™ HC TPEs are specially formulated to meet demanding healthcare device and application challenges. Unlike PVC, these materials are made without phthalate plasticizers, offer high clarity in some cases, bond to a variety of substrates, and can be customized for color and hardness. Common healthcare applications include medical and biopharma tubing, gaskets and stoppers, bags, bottles and films.

When used for overmolding, the Versaflex HC portfolio of TPEs and TPUs delivers excellent chemical resistance to common disinfectants and cleaners to extend the useful life of your medical devices. They also add color, soft touch and improved grip.

Designed to help you overcome challenges, these materials meet demanding performance requirements such as low coefficient of friction, high resealability, low extractables, high service temperatures, and suitability for various sterilization methods.

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  • ISO 10993 & USP Class VI compliant solutions
  • Resistance to common disinfectants and other chemicals
  • High clarity and flexibility
  • Suitable for injection molding and overmolding
  • Customizable for color and haptics (touch and feel)
  • Excellent bonding to a variety of substrates
  • BT218 extrusion grade formulated specifically for biopharma tubing














Versaflex™ HC Solutions
Product Series Applications Description/Product Features
Versaflex™ HC MT Series Medical tubing Specialty TPEs formulated for high clarity, without plasticizers, to improve high service temperature performance, and to meet biopharmaceutical needs for weldability and low extractables
Versaflex™ HC BT218 Biophamaceutical tubing Medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) formulated specifically to handle the complexities of biopharma tubing, including excellent weldability, kink resistance, and low extractables
Versaflex™ HC 3810 Series Medical devices Translucent TPE grades formulated without animal derivatives and offering excellent colorability
Versaflex™ CL E Series General purpose Boilable TPE grades with high strength and clarity to meet a broad range of healthcare needs
Versaflex™ OM Series Medical overmolds TPEs and TPUs formulated specifically for overmolding onto PK, COPE and PC/ABS for improved haptics and function
Versaflex™ G2705N Medical tubing Easily processed material designated for medical applications or where FDA compliance is required; the TPE exhibits high resilience, low compression set, and good puncture sealing characteristics
名称 类别 描述  
Biopharmaceutical Tubing – Case Study Case Study (Brief) The lower extractable profile of Versaflex™ HC BT218 thermoplastic elastomer provided a drop-in material replacement with excellent clarity and performance for a medical tubing extruder 视图
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COVID-19 Containment Tube Screw Caps – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Broad range of Versaflex™ HC 3810 TPEs, all formulated without animal derivatives, met demands for barrier, flexibility and sealing performance 视图
Disinfectant Resistant Trilliant™ and Versaflex™ HC Materials - Program Bulletin 应用公告 Learn how chemically resistant Trilliant™ HC thermoplastics and Versaflex™ HC TPEs provide enhanced durability to withstand common hospital cleaners and disinfectants 视图
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GLS™ 热塑性弹性体 - 注塑成型指南 设计指南 GLS™ 系列的零件设计、模具设计、热流道系统、二次注塑、机器选择、物料处理和制备、加工条件和故障排除指南指南 视图
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