Discover TPEs for Healthcare

Find out how and where these game-changing materials are being used

We're dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with innovative thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) that offer design freedom, regulatory compliance confidence, and system optimization. With a global product support infrastructure and dedicated TPE research and development and manufacturing resources on four continents, we have the commitment and experience you need from a materials provider.

Ergonomic enhancement is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare environment, including the design and manufacture of orthotics, prosthetics, surgical instruments, medical device housings, patient mobility and furniture. Available in a wide range of hardness/softness levels, our materials are bondable to wide variety of rigid substrates. Non-allergenic, non-toxic and skin-friendly, they absorb shock, resist vibration and provide slip resistance.

General purpose TPV alloys offer exceptional flow, lower shrink rate, and aesthetics over typical TPVs. Our Versalloy™ HC Series TPVs are ideal for medical devices that are designed with long, thin flow paths, and they're highly colorable with a smooth tactile feel.

Gaskets and stoppers can benefit from our Versaflex™ HC TPEs, which feature no coring and high resealability for dynamic and static seals and stoppers. In addition, a low coefficient of friction and low stiction are ideal for dynamic seals.

Tubing made from thermoplastic elastomers  traditional medical tubing materials. Our Versaflex™ HC TPEs deliver exceptional extrusion rates in high clarity grades without plasticizers, and are also available in formulations that withstand high service temperatures.

Films, bags and bottles made from TPEs maintain exceptional clarity, high performance and are autoclavable. Versaflex™ CL E Series materials feature high clarity before and after autoclaving, with high flexibility and low extractables.