Chemical-Resistant Solutions for Healthcare

Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics

Prevents Device Cracking

Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics are specifically formulated to meet the high-performance material requirements of medical device manufacturers as well as demonstrate compliance with various regulatory bodies. These customizable formulations can replace traditional materials such as FR PC/ABS, FR PC/PET and FR COPE, offer improved chemical resistance to common disinfectants, achieve a UL 94 V-0 at 1.5 & V-1 at 0.75 flame rating when necessary, and can often be molded in existing PC/ABS tooling. With its improved long-term resistance to harsh disinfectants such as Virex® Tb, CaviCide™, Vesphene® IIse, and Super Sani-Cloth®,¹ Trilliant™ HC can help medical equipment manufacturers extend the overall service life of their devices.

Available in both natural and standard medical pre-colored products, the Trilliant HC family of materials are formulated without BPA ingredients.


¹Virex® is a trademark of Diversey, Inc.; CaviCide™ is a trademark of Metrex Research, LLC; Vesphene® is a trademark of Steris Corporation; and Sani-Cloth® is a trademark of Professional Disposables International, Inc.

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  • Chemically resistant replacement for FR PC/ABS, FR PC/PET & FR COPE providing UL 94 Yellow Card V-0 flame rating at 1.5 mm, V-1 at 0.75 mm thicknesses for a broad color spectrum
  • Outperforms FR PC/ABS, FR PC/PET and FR COPE in resistance to common disinfectants
  • Retains tensile strength after 72-hour exposure to common hospital disinfectants, and shows better long-term chemical resistance as compared to PC blends and COPE
  • Exhibits good impact and temperature resistance














Trilliant™ HC Solutions
Product Series Applications Description / Product Features
Trilliant™ HC8910 and HC8920 Medical Device Housings Chemically resistant polymers formulated to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and hospital-grade disinfectants
Trilliant™ XR MRI, X-ray and CT Scanner Components Customizable, high-density polymer composite formulated to replace lead. Delivers radiation shielding performance comparable to lead.
名称 类别 描述  
Continuous Glucose Monitor – Case study Case Study (Brief) Healthcare device OEM benefitted from single source supplier for pre-colored solutions, Trilliant™ HC thermoplastics, and regulatory support 视图
Disinfectant Resistance for Medical Device Housings - Case Study 案例研究 Manufacturer boosts disinfectant resistance for medical device housings using Trilliant HC High Performance Formulations 视图
Disinfectant Resistant Trilliant™ and Versaflex™ HC Materials - Program Bulletin 应用公告 Learn how chemically resistant Trilliant™ HC thermoplastics and Versaflex™ HC TPEs provide enhanced durability to withstand common hospital cleaners and disinfectants 视图
Medical Device Disinfection: How to Prevent Cracking and Crazing 技术文献 Understand the material compatibility with common disinfectants of various materials used in healthcare applications 视图
Medical Device Housing – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Trilliant™ HC8900 thermoplastics delivered superior chemical resistance after exposure to hospital-grade disinfectants 视图
移液器枪头 - 案例研究 案例研究 导电移液管枪头制造商采用Trilliant™ HC特种化合物来降低成本、简化工艺、提升产品的韧性和性能 视图
Surgical Stapler Housing - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Delivered durable and aesthetically pleasing specialty polymer with the added benefit of processing flexibility without retooling 视图
Trilliant™ HC 2020 - 加工指南 加工指南 Trilliant™ HC 2020的注塑参数,包括料筒温度、注射和螺杆恢复参宿、溶体和模具温度以及干燥条件 视图