Design for Recycling

Cesa™ Nox A4R Additive for Enhanced Recycling

Protects polyolefins against degradation during recycling and processing.

Cesa™ Nox A4R is designed for recycling. It provides a solution for brand owners, recyclers and convertors working with ever-increasing quantities of recycled polyolefin who need to maintain high-quality levels of PCR.

During PCR processing oxygen and heat can degrade polyolefins, leading to defects such as discoloration, gels, and black spots. These defects go on to create further processing issues later on.

Cesa A4R stabilizes recycled polyolefins during processing, protecting the material against degradation during initial and future conversion steps. Protecting the PCR in this way can help achieve a higher quality level of recyclate and better end-use products.

Cesa Nox A4R offers an effective solution for brand owners who need to maximize their PCR usage to achieve sustainability and recyclability targets, recyclers involved with flake or pellets, and convertors of bottles, film, and sheet who need to maintain high-quality levels of polyolefin PCR.

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  • Designed for recycling and to enhance circularity
  • Suitable for high-value polyolefin applications with recycled material content
  • Protects polymers against degradation caused by oxygen and heat during processing
  • Provides improved stability against oxygen degradation and discoloration
  • Stabilizes the polymer to reduce creation of new gels and black spots
  • Excellent performance at low dosage levels














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