Pre-Colored High-Gloss Polymers for Paint Replacement

Artisan™ Pre-Colored Thermoplastics for Paint Replacement

Achieve the Look of Paint

Beauty and efficiency come together in this next generation of vibrant, pre-colored, engineered polymer solutions. Artisan pre-colored thermoplastics are high-gloss, scratch-resistant formulations used as paint replacement for superior results. Delivering minimized scratch appearance and corrosion resistance, these materials include two added benefits: they reduce energy use by eliminating the secondary painting process; and, they eliminate VOC emissions from paint.

A fresh alternative to painted metal or plastic parts, Artisan thermoplastics provide chemical and scratch resistance, weatherability, and UV stability for long-lasting aesthetics. Available in a range of colors, the impact-modified nylon 6 formulation is customizable to serve a variety of consumer applications, including powersports, lawn & garden, and marine. Additionally, an ABS formulation expands customizable colors to include metallic effects and offers enhanced scratch and chemical resistance for use in electronics.

Additional paint replacement grades for other key industries and applications are in development. 

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Reduced Energy Use


  • High-gloss finish
  • Resists scratches and corrosion
  • Eliminates secondary painting process to reduce energy consumption and total production costs
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Various color options and customization
  • Eliminates VOC emissions from paint














Artisan™ Solutions
Product Series Applications Description/Product Features
Artisan™ AR6000 Series Powersports, lawn and garden, and marine body panels and housings Impact-modified nylon (PA6) grade formulated for cold temperature impact resistance and heat resistance.
Artisan™ AR7300-8001 Series Electrical and electronic housings ABS grade offering good scratch and chemical resistance. Available in metallic silver
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Artisan™ Nylon Formulations - Processing Guide 加工指南 Injection molding parameters including barrel temperatures, melt and mold temperatures, drying conditions, and processing guides for the impact-modified nylon (PA6) Artisan™ AR6000 Series 视图
Artisan™ Pre-Colored Formulation - Processing Guide 加工指南 Artisan™ AR7300-8001 M Silver pre-colored thermoplastics are customized ABS formulations to help manufacturers achieve brilliant and high-gloss metallic effect, excellent chemical resistance, and scratch resistance 视图
Fingerprint Detector Housing - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Artisan™ high-gloss, metallic effect ABS formulation provided paint replacement solution to meet electronic applications needs 视图
Off-Road Vehicle Hood Panel - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Artisan™ high-gloss, pre-colored nylon (PA6) formulation provided paint replacement solution to meet brand needs 视图