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OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers

Built to Last

Dedicated to a variety of demanding applications in transportation (automotive), building and construction, and industrial markets, OnFlex™ thermoplastic elastomers are formulated for durability. With excellent mechanical properties, these TPEs offer UV resistance, low compression set, flame retardance, and weatherability. Built to last, they withstand chemicals, high temperatures, and abrasion over time. Notably, grades specified for automotive interiors meet Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) standards with their low VOC / FOG and odor properties.

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VOC Reduction


  • Low VOC / FOG / odor for automotive interiors
  • Resists high heat and chemicals
  • Lasts over time with UV and abrasion resistance
  • Easily overmolded to engineering plastics
  • Uncompromised surface finish
  • Low tack
  • Flame retardant














OnFlex™ Solutions
Product Series Applications Description/Product Features
OnFlex™ AF Series Automotive exteriors Thermoplastic elastomers featuring excellent UV resistance and weatherability, long-term sealing performance, reduced noise and vibration, grippy feel, low gloss, low odor
OnFlex™ LO Series Automotive interiors Thermoplastic elastomers that reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fogging for optimal performance in today's vehicles compared to historically incumbent materials
OnFlex™ HT Automotive interiors Formulated for high temperature applications and delivering long-term sealing performance
OnFlex™ G Series General purpose Specialty TPEs formulated for a multitude of uses, suitable for both injection molding and extrusion, overmolds to PP
OnFlex™ S and OnFlex™ S KE Series Automotive, consumer goods  Superior UV and scratch resistant TPEs that meet VIAQ standard, suitable for OM applications
OnFlex™ S HF Series Electrical and electronic, construction, and automotive  Halogen free, flame retardant TPEs formulated to provide good flexibility, lower moisture absorption, good insulation, and RoHS compliance
名称 类别 描述  
Appliance Flexible Seal - Case Study 案例研究 Equipment manufacturer heats up profits with a cool OnFlex™ TPE solution 视图
自动体外除颤器 - 案例研究 案例研究 专为自动体外除颤器 (AED)定制的OnFlex™ TPE 系列 视图
Automotive Cup Holder Mat Application Snapshot OnFlex™ AF TPE delivered global solution for a cup holder mat with excellent low VOC/FOG properties and high-quality, low gloss surface finish 视图
Automotive HVAC Flap (English) Application Snapshot OnFlex™ LO meets VIAQ standards for low VOC/FOG and reduced processing time (English language version) 视图
Automotive HVAC Flap (Spanish) Application Snapshot OnFlex™ LO meets VIAQ standards for low VOC/FOG and reduced processing time (Spanish language version) 视图
Automotive Interior Tray Meets VIAQ Standards Application Snapshot OnFlex™ S meets VIAQ standards for low VOC/FOG plus easy processing 视图
Automotive Interior Tray Meets VIAQ Standards (Spanish) Application Snapshot OnFlex™ S meets VIAQ standards for low VOC/FOG plus easy processing (Spanish Version) 视图
Automotive Outside Rear-View Mirror Gasket Application Snapshot Custom Thermoplastic Elastomer provides UV resistance and processability for automotive outside rear-view mirror gasket 视图
电气接线盒 - 案例研究 案例研究 使用OnFlex™ TPE将电气接线盒中的卤素移除 视图
园林喷雾器手柄 - 案例研究 案例研究 OnFlex-S™ 在手柄二次成型中用于覆盖 ABS 树脂 视图
Global Presence and UV Resistance for Oscillating Sprinkler Application Snapshot OnFlex™ S KE provides superior UV resistance and global presence for oscillating sprinkler 视图
GLS™ TPE Automotive Solutions Improve Vehicle Air Quality with TPEs for Automotive HVAC Flaps - Product Bulletin 产品公告 Improve vehicle air quality with TPEs for automotive HVAC flaps 视图
GLS™ 热塑性弹性体 - 注塑成型指南 设计指南 GLS™ 系列的零件设计、模具设计、热流道系统、二次注塑、机器选择、物料处理和制备、加工条件和故障排除指南指南 视图
GLS™ TPEs for Automotive Fasteners and Clips - Product Bulletin 产品公告 Enable long-term performance with GLS™ TPEs for automotive fasteners and clips 视图
Microbial susceptibility of various polymers and evaluation of thermoplastic elastomers with antimicrobial additives 白皮书 Examine the technical details of our research study to test against microbial attack, including the efficacy of GLS™ TPES with antimicrobial additives 视图
OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers - Industry Bulletin 行业公告/概况 Delivering thermoplastic elastomer solutions for automotive applications. 视图
Panels for Off-Road Vehicles Application Snapshot Ten engineered material and Masterbatch solutions provided global service improvements for panels on off-road vehicles 视图
Scratch Resistance and Colorability For Power Tool Handle Application Snapshot OnFlex™ S KE Series provides scratch resistance and colorability for powertool handle  视图
SEM MCCB Phase Barrier - Application Bulletin 应用公告 Reduce possibility of molded case circuit breaker failure with TPE phase barriers 视图
Thermoplastic Elastomers - Product Selection Guide 产品选择指南 Explore our product guide for innovative TPE solutions for thousands of applications 视图
Vehicle HVAC System Colorants & Additives Application Snapshot Seven SmartBatch (color + effect additive) solutions combined to improve vehicle interior air quality (VAIC) 视图