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The Edgetek™ portfolio consists of a broad range of specialty thermoplastics using a spectrum of engineering resins. Offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of additives, reinforcing agents, and colorants, Edgetek formulations offer a great balance of properties that make them suitable and widely used in a range of applications and industries.  

To modify and expand on the structural performance of the base resin, these materials are formulated with a range of reinforcing additives, including short glass or carbon fibers, minerals or glass beads. Edgetek materials also offer the opportunity to further customize attributes like chemical resistance, modulus/strength, scratch and mar performance, impact resistance, flame retardance, temperature resistance, and UV stability to match your specific needs.

Serving a variety of industries, including transportation, industrial, consumer, telecommunications, and electrical and electronic, these thermoplastics feature reduced weight, improved design flexibility and part consolidation at a significantly lower cost compared to machined components.

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  • Structurally reinforced formulations utilize a range of fillers to balance strength, dimensional stability, toughness and load-bearing ability
  • High-temperature formulations, based on amorphous to crystalline resins, which retain their physical properties and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures
  • Flame-retardant formulations, offering UL certification and compliance while maintaining the performance of the base engineering resin














Edgetek™ Solutions
Product Series Applications Description/Product Features
Edgetek™ Engineered Polymer Formulations Transportation, industrial, consumer, telecommunications, and electrical and electronics General and customizable formulations based on amorphous to crystalline resins for use a wide range of industries and applications
Edgetek™ PKE Formulations Industrial pipes, tubing and fluid management; electrical battery components; under-the-hood fuel or chemical contact components; and non-structural components Specialty engineered polyketone (PK) formulations that serve as a more sustainable alternative to nylon; provides excellent chemical resistance, low moisture uptake, and high impact and abrasion resistance
Edgetek™ ET8900 CR Series Consumer durable goods and high-touch surfaces Chemically resistant, semi-crystalline thermoplastics that withstand exposure to common consumer disinfectants and cleaners; available in unfilled, impact-modified and flame-retardant grades
Edgetek™ LD Low Density Formulations Automotive interior, exterior and under-the-hood components A high performing, low-density material ideal for weight reduction, plus improved strength, reduced warpage and faster cycle time
Edgetek™ 3D/LDS Solutions Consumer electronics, automotive components, medical devices, 5G base stations Advanced PC, PPS and LCP formulations to help customers to build 3D circuits on molded part surfaces; supporting high design flexibilty, multi-function integration, size miniaturization and weight reduction, even in high heat processes such as SMT
Edgetek™ Formulations for 5G 5G base station antennas, infrastructure and equipment Customizable polymeric materials to meet specific Dk (Dielectric Constant) /Df (Dissipation Factor) values, including formulations that are compatible with the surface-mount technology (SMT) process and can be used to create 3D circuit boards for 5G equipment.
Edgetek™ Toughened PPA Engine applications Heat stabilized, impact modified polyphthalamide (PPA) formulations with mechanical integrity, high-temperature performance, and low moisture absorption
Edgetek™ PK PEEK Formulations Aerospace, automotive, appliance, consumer, industrial and oil & gas High performance PEEK (polyetheretherketone) formulations offering exception mechanical properties at very high temperatures of 250°C (480°F) without losing any physical properties
名称 类别 描述  
Alternatives to Nylon 6,6 - Brochure 手册 Learn about possible material alternatives to nylon 6,6 in response to current shortages 视图
Automotive Lighting IR Lens Application Snapshot Edgetek™ ET9400-8005 IR Formulation provided color customization for automotive lighting IR lens of sensor 视图
Chemically Resistant Polymers for Next Generation Devices 白皮书 Examine the damaging effects chemicals can have on the plastic components and learn about preventing environmental stress cracking in consumer and healthcare applications 视图
Edgetek™ ET8900 CR Series - Processing Guide 加工指南 Injection molding parameters and processing guides for these advanced, chemically resistant Edgetek™ materials 视图
Edgetek™ ET8900 CR Series - Technical Bulletin 技术公告 Explore comparison data and performance properties of these chemically resistant Edgetek thermoplastics that show outstanding chemical resistance to common consumer disinfectants 视图
Edgetek™ Formulation Screw Driver Handle Application Snapshot Edgetek™ formulation enhances aesthetics and impact resistance in screw driver handle 视图
Edgetek™ 高性能改性料 - 加工指南 加工指南 适用于多种产品;Edgetek™ 高性能化合物的注塑参数、启动和关闭、模具设计以及故障排除建议 视图
Edgetek™ Toughed PPA Formulations - Technical Bulletin 技术公告 Learn about the high-heat and low moisture absorption performance of polyphthalamide (PPA) formulations 视图
Fishing Rod Handle Application Snapshot Edgetek™ Glass-Filled Thermoplastics provided toughness and stiffness to fishing rod handle 视图
Services Capabilities Overview 宣传册和产品信息 Discover the comprehensive technical services available through Specialty Engineered Materials at Avient to assist customers 视图
Surgical Torque Wrench Application Snapshot Formulated a specialty thermoplastic that retained physical properties and dimensional stability under various testing conditions  视图

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