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Community Service

Giving back to the communities where we work and live is an integral part of our culture. We even provide all associates with 16 hours of paid time off every year to volunteer for a cause they care about. In 2020, a year where our communities needed support more than ever before, our associates demonstrated their passion for service by organizing food drives, building bookshelves, sewing blankets for the homeless and donating masks, just to name a few examples.

In addition, numerous leaders in our company serve on non-profit Boards of Trustees, helping them toward sustainability in their operations and mission to serve.

These endeavors, as well as our charitable contributions, are focused on helping the underserved and more challenged neighborhoods which include communities with diverse populations.

United Way

Charitable Contributions

United Way remains our largest philanthropic endeavor, and our associates continue to give generously. Since 2007, we have raised more than $15 million for United Way chapters throughout North America. In addition we contributed to many non-profit organizations where we have associates who serve on Boards, or that have been determined to be of need in the local communities around the world where we operate.

Political Contributions

Avient does not fund political parties or members of government. In the United States, employees at Avient have made use of their right to establish a Political Action Committee (PAC), which is a voluntary, federally registered employee association that collects donations for political purposes and decides how these are used, in accordance with U.S. law. The Avient PAC Committee, comprised of Avient PAC Members, meets, discusses key topics and decides the annual budget. Avient PAC aligns with candidates who support laws and regulations consistent with sustainable business practices and Avient’s interests, represent a state or district where an Avient facility is located and/or are active members or leadership of key committees/positions. Our discussions with legislators provide awareness on Avient’s role and contributions to the science that enables sustainability and a circular economy, as well as the importance of maintaining a cost and regulatory environment that allows companies to best operate, invest and grow. In 2020, Avient PAC contributed $16,500 to federal candidates in the U.S. and $12,000 to state candidates in Ohio. No political contributions are made outside the U.S. Avient PAC’s Federal Election Commission filings, including listings of contributions, are publicly available at State of Ohio filings and contributions are publicly available at

Community Engagement

Sustainably Serving Those in Need
The Sourcing Team in Shanghai, China hosted a creative engagement event for a great cause. Associates from Avient Distribution, Marketing, and HR donated personal belongings for a charity auction. The auction’s funds were donated to the Tencent Charity Foundation, an organization that helps children dealing with health issues such as cleft conditions and eye disease.

Bridging the Digital Divide
Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has proved how critical technology is to education and remote work. In conjunction with our United Way campaign, Avient associates on our Avon Lake, Ohio campus organized a unique and sustainable donation drive with PCs for People, an organization that refurbishes computers for distribution. In total, Avient donated over 100 computers, keeping them out of landfills and instead put them into the hands of underserved students and those working from home.

Making Safety & Health More Accessible
Access to protective facemasks during this time was a struggle around certain parts of the world. Our team in Brazil partnered with AcroBrasil, an organization that helps those living in poverty, to donate 1,000 facemasks to the Sao Paulo area, helping our fellow citizens in that community stay safe and healthy.

Promoting the Power of Reading
Avient’s Community Service Team organized take home kits for associates to build bookshelves for children and sew blankets for the homeless. Fifty bookshelves were donated to Ready-Set-Go, a United Way collaborative that focuses on improving kindergarten readiness for children. The Community Service Team also collected and donated over 1,000 children’s books and over 100 fleece blankets were sewn for a local homeless shelter.

Simple Ways We Say Thanks
Our associates always recognize how critical and brave front-line workers are. To show gratitude, our team in Winona, Minnesota organized a catered lunch for the Winona Community Occupational Health Department. This organization has supported the community by continuing to provide health services to the public during the pandemic.

Helping Out with Hunger
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected food insecurity for those in need. Our associates in Hatfield, Pennsylvania felt compelled to step in and help. They hosted a food drive to support Manna, an organization dedicated to ending hunger and building community. Dozens of boxes of canned and non-perishable food were donated, and the organization was extremely grateful.

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