Responsible Care®

Upholding our Values

Avient is certified to the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). Avient works continually to refine and enact its RCMS, in order to improve in four important areas of business: environmental, health, safety and security.

Responsible Care companies are industry leaders, playing a vital part to ensure that the business of chemistry is safe, secure and sustainable.

In order to receive certification, an ACC member or Partner company must demonstrate conformance to the Responsible Care Management System’s comprehensive set of EHS&S requirements, which are validated through an independent, third-party audit process.

The Responsible Care guiding principles align with Avient’s commitment to remain a responsible corporate citizen in the global economy.

Learn more about the About American Chemistry Council and the Responsible Care Guiding Principles.

To view Avient's commitment to Responsible Care see the Responsible Care Policy along with the supporting EHS&S Policies here: Responsible Care Policy