As we produce our materials we recognize and embrace our responsibility to the planet, and we monitor several metrics to track our performance. Efficiency and continuous improvement are at the core of our Operational Excellence strategy and also ensure we’re taking responsible care of our planet. This begins with the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) culture that we continue to invest in and utilize each day throughout our company.

What’s effective for Avient has also proven to be desirable and effective for our customers. In launching Avient’s LSS Customer First service, we have been training our customers in lean principles, who then identify and implement process improvement projects in their operations. In doing so, it not only strengthens their business and builds loyalty to Avient, but also multiplies the positive impact on our planet. Green energy is another area we are routinely evaluating, and in 2018 we were proud to install three windmills at our Assesse, Belgium production facility. Combined with the rooftop panels we installed in prior years, our Assesse facility now draws 80% of its required production energy from solar and wind sources.

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PolyOne and Clariant Masterbatch unite to form a new kind of materials company.

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