Lean Six Sigma

Efficiency and continuous improvement are at the core of our Operational Excellence strategy, and also help to ensure we’re taking responsible care of our planet. This begins with the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) LSSculture that we continue to invest in and utilize each day throughout our company. More than 6,800 active associates have been trained in LSS and at any given time there are approximately 350 process improvement projects underway. Many of these and other projects benefit the planet by minimizing the amount of natural resources required to safely manufacture, transport, and deliver quality material to our customers.

What’s effective for Avient has also proven to be desirable and effective for our customers. In launching Avient’s LSS Customer First service, we are training our customers in lean principles so that they can identify and implement process improvement projects in their operations. Doing so not only strengthens their business and builds goodwill with Avient, but also multiplies the positive impact on our planet.