EPS Expansion

The fourth “P” of our sustainability cornerstones is Performance.  While our work in People, Product and Planet are vitally important commitments, ultimately, they must yield financial performance and growth to create a truly world-class sustainable organization.

We are forever committed to achieving “the right results, the right way.”  To do so, we maintain strict adherence to areas like policies, audit, governance, and global training for our associates on ethics and our Code of Conduct.

And combined efforts to execute our strategy have worked.  2018 marked the ninth consecutive year of adjusted EPS expansion at Avient, as we delivered $2.43 per share.  It’s a commendable streak that we work tirelessly to achieve and build upon.

Over this period, we have significantly increased our operating margins in each of our businesses, as well as our Return on Invested Capital, and we have raised our dividend for seven years in a row.

Sustainable Product Performance

As highlighted in our Products section, Avient has a highly technical and broad portfolio of materials solutions that help our customers – and our planet – to be more sustainable.

These sustainable solutions comprise a growing area of our company, as demand increases worldwide across many end markets.  Our innovation efforts and collaboration with customers has increased in lockstep.  As a result, we’ve generated $1.3 billion dollars in revenue from sustainable solutions over the last three years.

In 2018, we delivered $480 million in sustainable solutions sales, which we determined using criteria in the FTC 2012 Guide for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims.  And we did so while also yielding sustainable benefits in each of the eight key areas where our material science can have the most impact.

As we look to the future, we expect these same eight areas to gain even more importance – and acceptance – among our customers and their end users.  This we expect with further the win-win benefit trend for both our planet and Avient.