Low Smoke & Fume, Non-Halogen Formulations

ECCOH™ Cross Linkable Solutions

Flame Retardance, Enhanced Performance

ECCOH Cross-linkable Formulations enhance the performance of traditional ECCOH LSFOH solutions. Solutions, providing additional requirements such as oil resistance, chemical resistance, improved mechanical performance or service temperature of the cables.

The ECCOH product range can be cross-linkable with e-beam, dry silane technologies or with moisture thanks to our ECCOH XLS technologies. 

ECCOH cross-linkage solutions can be used in the most demanding environments such as off-shore, marine, railways or automation applications.

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  • Non-halogen
  • Low smoke, toxicity & corrosiveness
  • Excellent electrical & mechanical properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • High oil resistance
  • Dry silane, e-beam and moisture cured sioplas technologies



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ECCOH™ Cross Linkable Solutions
Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
ECCOH XLS Cross-linkable moisture cured sioplas technology Low smoke, fume, zero halogen Fast ambient curing offers improved cable design for low voltage cables
ECCOH E-beam and dry silane technologies Cross-linkable e-beam technology Low smoke, fume, zero halogen Oil and grease resistance, flexibility
ECCOH™ XLS - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Moisture-cured crosslinkable, low smoke and fume, non-halogen (LSFOH) formulation for flame retardant wire and cable applications View
Optical Cable Sheath Application Snapshot ECCOH™ Thermoplastic Formulation provided anti-fungi and flame retardant solutions to optical cable sheath View