Taking the Guesswork Out of Laser Marking

Searching for an efficient way to permanently identify your products? Laser marking should be at the top of your list.

There are multiple reasons to consider permanent marking for your products. Whether you need to protect your brand from counterfeiters, improve logistics management, or clearly identify products to simplify installation by end users, permanent marking can help you meet your goal.

Options abound as well. If you manufacturer wire and cable, for instance, the choices include embossing wheels, ring marking, engraving, offset printing, hot foil printing, laser marking and inkjet marking. In other industries, labels can be used.

Why consider laser marking? Because advances in laser marking equipment and additive technologies enable high rates of output while still delivering an excellent marking contrast. Unlike other methods, laser marking systems are easily programmable, supporting flexibility during production. And they’re practically maintenance free, with no consumables needed. 

Laser Marking Advantages

High quality marking  
  • High resolution and contrast
  • Suitable for large and small products 
  • No wear-off or indelible marking (solvent, oil and abrasion resistant)
  • Helps prevent counterfeiting
Flexibility, versatility 
  • No design restrictions
  • Customization & differentiation 
No pre/post treatment
  • Process simplification
Marking speed
  • High output
  • Production and marking in a continuous process
  • Low maintenance; no inks or consumables
Cost effective
  • Less rework, scrap & inspection

How does the process work?

To create the mark, a laser beam activates a laser-sensitive additive embedded in the polymer. The beam changes the molecular structure of the additive, causing a color change that results in a permanent marking. Sourcing the additive as a masterbatch, often bundled with colorant, makes it easier to add to your production process.

Selecting the right additives

The benefits of selecting the right additive will be evident, legibly and permanently, on your products. With that in mind, here are a few caveats to remember during your search for laser marking masterbatches:

  • Make sure you select formulations tailored to the type of equipment you’re using or intend to use
  • When possible, select an additive or masterbatch that’s been developed for your specific industry – this can help you save time and improve quality
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