OnCap™ BIO Additives

If you’re considering bio-based plastics for the products in your portfolio, but are concerned about maintaining your high standards for product quality, we have the solution. OnCap™ BIO additives help you deliver sustainable products that don’t compromise on performance or manufacturability. These additives are specially designed to enhance bioplastics so you can continue delivering top-end products to the market. Naturally.


Bioplastics have many winning attributes, but sometimes their mechanical or other properties need a helping hand. OnCap BIO additive concentrates are designed to help you enhance the properties of the bioplastics you use. These concentrates are available to improve the performance of a wide range of bio-based resins including, but not limited to:

  • PLA
  • PBAT
  • PBS
  • Starch
  • PHA

Our OnCap BIO additive concentrates help you “raise the bar” for bioplastics in a number of ways, including:

  • Antiblock performance
  • Slip performance
  • Impact modification
  • Antistatic performance      
  • UV protection   
  • Blue tone    

These additive concentrates are not only suitable for your manufacturing process, they also meet relevant industry and composting standards, and can be combined with OnColor™ BIO color concentrates to deliver performance and color in a single masterbatch. Reach out to Avient to learn more about these novel materials.

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