Healthcare Polymer Technology

MEVOPUR™ Functional Additives

Material Reduction, Protection

MEVOPUR™ functional additives help protect or enhance the performance of the polymers used in medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging, supporting your goal of delivering safe and reliable treatments. These additives are fully supported by regulatory testing to USP, EP and ISO standards and manufactured under EN:ISO13485 protocols that enable them to be evaluated in medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

These functional additives are available as “ready-to-use” additive formulations, Masterbatch additive masterbatch concentrates, or a “combi,” where the additive functionality is included with the desired color in a formulation or concentrate for convenience.

MEVOPUR™ Functional Additives open up opportunities in areas such as material reduction, friction reduction, protection during gamma sterilization, radiopacity and ink-free marking using laser.

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  • Improve the performance of your product or efficiency and cost of your process
  • ISO10993 and USP 23 parts 87, 88 biological evaluations reduce risk of non-compliance during regulatory submission
  • European Pharmacopeia 3.1. tested ingredients for products targeted in pharmaceutical packaging
  • Full Change Control standard
  • Can be combined with color in a ‘combi-batch’



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