Electret Additive for Face Masks

MagIQ™ Non-Woven Electret Plus

Improves Dielectric Properties in Face Masks

MagIQ™ Non-Woven Electret Plus is a masterbatch necessary for the manufacture of melt-blown non-woven polypropylene used to make protective face masks with long-lasting filtration properties.

Electret charging works by improving the crystallinity and mechanical deformation of a material, to prevent the charge from drifting. By introducing additives with charge storage properties, “charge traps” are created which capture the electret charge being applied to melt-blown non-woven material.

Charging only works when the correct ingredients are utilized, and together with the fiber denier, gram weight and number of layers, ensures the middle layer of protective masks can effectively trap smaller particles.

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  • Additive for melt-blown non-woven PP
  • Suitable for N95 and surgical face masks
  • Masterbatch and liquid formulations
  • Available globally


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MagIQ™ Non-Woven Electret Plus - Application Bulletin (English) Application Bulletin Functional masterbatch for protective face masks (English version) View
MagIQ™ Non-Woven Electret Plus - Product Bulletin (Chinese) Product Bulletin Functional masterbatch for protective face masks (Chinese language version) View