Bio-based Polyamide Solutions

Nymax™ BIO Bio-based Polyamide Solutions 

Bio-derived,  Low Water Absorption

Nymax™ BIO formulations are highly engineered, low water absorption polyamides (PA) that provide a more sustainable alternative to PA66 glass fiber-filled materials.  

These bio-based nylon grades utilize up to 47 percent natural filler from renewable plant sources, including corn, straw and wheat, and reduce the carbon footprint value significantly at the beginning of the product lifecycle, improving overall lifecycle analysis. They deliver compareable performance to prime PA66 glass fiber-filled materials, plus these solutions have excellent surface appearance and colorability, and lower warpage.

Nymax BIO formulations can be both injection molded and extruded, making them suitable for automotive, consumer, industry, and building and construction applications. In addition, these bio-polymers can be customized with laser welding and flame retardant properties to meet additional performance demands.

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  • Reduce carbon footprint value
  • Achieve performance equivalent to PA66 glass fiber-filled materials
  • Excellent surface appearance and colorability
  • Lower warpage compared with PA66 glass fiber-filled materials
  • Cost-effective alternative to PA66 glass fiber-reinforced materials
  • Excellent dimensional stability and property retention rate after water uptake



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