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Navigating Beyond PFAS Exploring concerns and challenges along the path to developing non-PFAS solutions. More
A Guide to NIAS: Prioritizing Safety and Sustainability in Plastic Food Packaging This guide will explore the industry impact of NIAS and how to ensure safety and sustainability in plastic food and beverage packaging. More
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Understanding PCR in Closure Applications Understanding the challenges of incorporating PCR and exploring potential solutions. More
How to Protect Blow-Molded Bottles from Drop-Impact Damage
How to Protect Blow-Molded Bottles from Drop-Impact Damage Design bottles that will stay protected, despite drops and impact More
How to Solve Pearlescence and Haze Challenges in Blow Molded Bottles
How to Solve Pearlescence and Haze Challenges in Blow Molded Bottles How to manage unwanted coloring in blow molded bottles More
Emerging Trends and Top 10 Production Challenges for Blow Molded Bottles
Emerging Trends and Top 10 Production Challenges for Blow Molded Bottles Learn about exciting trends and commonly-faced production challenges More
What's the difference between fillers and reinforcements
What’s The Difference?™ Fillers & Reinforcements We take an objective look at the types of polymer fillers and reinforcements available and which ones will give you the results you’re seeking. More
Microbe Growth
Protecting Polymers from Microbe Growth Examine the research behind TPEs with antimicrobial additives More
Closing the Packaging Loop
Closing the Packaging Loop with Post-consumer Recycled PET Oxygen scavenger reduces PET haze and improves recyclability for consumer packaging in the circular economy. More
Let's Get Circular
Let’s Get Circular Find out how Avient’s solutions are helping to help meet Germany’s ambitious sustainability targets for a plastics circular economy. More
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TPE For Beginners Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are used to create durable products that we use everyday. Learn how to design with TPEs and the advantages of using this eco-friendly material. More
Men’s Grooming Packaging In the men’s grooming market, packaging is a crucial tool to attract consumers and get them to choose your product. More
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VIDEO: OnColor™ Naturals Colorants More
Smart Colorants™ Learn how to use both solid and liquid colorants effectively. More
Three Ways to Enhance Cosmetic Packaging Discover how TPEs are helping brand owners and converters create cosmetic packaging that lasts. More
Is Your Coconut Water as Fresh as You Think? Learn more about packaging selection for sensitive contents. More
Anti-counterfeiting technologies Discover the pros and cons of anti-counterfeiting technologies. More
UV Barrier Additives These three considerations will help your application harness the power of UV barrier additives. More
UV Light Blocking for PET Beverage Packaging Find out the top 5 benefits that UV light blockers for PET beverage packaging offer brand owners and packaging designers. More
Fighting Fog in Food Packaging Additives can help provide a solution to unappealing fog and keep packages looking customer-friendly. More
Luxurious Packaging Your brand connotes luxury. Your packaging should too. More
Packaging Idea Center
Packaging Innovations Looking for attractive and functional packaging materials? Think TPEs. More
Packaging That Saves Space See our patent-pending design that provides the functionality of rigid packaging in the most efficient footprint possible. More