Need Fresh Color Ideas to Differentiate Your Men's Grooming Packaging?

It's all about perception.


In the multi-billion-dollar men’s grooming market, packaging is a crucial tool to attract consumers and get them to choose your product. It’s all about perception.

As new, agile players enter the competitive field of men’s grooming products, you need sparkling color ideas for your plastics packaging that will turn heads and say, “Choose me!”

At Avient, we understand your challenges, from color design to design for recycling. We can help you position your products at the front of consumers’ minds with winning solutions – fast. Let’s work together to design the right colors for your target demographic and create products that literally fly off the shelf.

Make sure you’re always right there, right on time: our new, ready-to-go color palette for men’s grooming packaging can speed up development time and get your products to market faster. Contact us to learn more!