Top 5 Ways UV Light Blocking Additives Improve PET Beverage Packaging

Discover the benefits UV light blockers offer for PET beverage packaging

PET is a popular packaging material that continues to meet the demands of the beverage industry. Effective UV light blocking additive technology optimizes PET container performance to provide greater protection for UV-sensitive beverages. Here are the top five benefits of using these additives.

1. Safeguard your Brand

Reducing the risk of quality degradation helps maintain your brand integrity and consumer loyalty while minimizing the possibility of product recalls. A great deal of money and time is invested in product development. Packaging that maintains product quality is a way to avoid wasting these resources.

2. Be Consistent Globally

Longer shelf life reduces the chance of product degradation, but it also enables production flexibility. For example, you may use a single site for production that serves various locations or geographies. These places may have varying supply chain demands and point of sale environments. An additive that provides broadband UV blocking can be used to meet content protection requirements no matter where your production is located.

3. Gain Flexibility for your Drink Formulations

With UV protection, formulators have more flexibility to use UV sensitive ingredients and not rely on the formulation alone to be UV-stable. This can help brand owners meet the increasing global demand for healthier drinks with fewer preservatives and stabilizing compounds. 

4. Attract Consumers with Clear Design Advantage

Packaging designers are not limited to opaque and sleeve constructions when designing containers for UV-sensitive beverages. Clear and transparent designs enable designers to react to market demands. Where UV barrier addition rates are low, they can also offer cost and process efficiencies over opaque coloration or sleeve shrink wrapping. 

5. Gain More Sustainability

UV barrier additives that don’t affect PET clarity or quality during recycling help brand owners improve their sustainability credentials and in general enable more recycled PET to be used when producing new containers.