Circular economy
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EV battery for vehicle
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ocean net
Traceability for Recycled Textiles Support recycled content labels for synthetic textiles with a low-investment traceability solution. More
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Developing Your ESG Framework A guide for describing, evaluating, and reporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. More
Collapsible Tote
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Pellets and man
Change the Way You Dye Textiles Change the way you dye fibers with a technology that uses no water and less energy than the classic bath-dyeing technology. More
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Solar Panels
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Aesthetics of sustainable TPEs Featured Small
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Closing the Packaging Loop
Closing the Packaging Loop with Post-consumer Recycled PET Oxygen scavenger reduces PET haze and improves recyclability for consumer packaging in the circular economy. More
Reducing Weight in Automotive Parts
Reducing Weight in Automotive Parts Foaming agent decreases dashboard weight by 20% while improving part bending strength, ultimately enhancing vehicle safety. More
Consumer Electronic Idea Center
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