PolyCase Launches Revolutionary Polymer-Based Ammunition

High-density formulation helps improve design and function

The Challenge

When PolyCase Ammunition was getting ready to produce its new line of high performance ammunition, the project team knew they needed a material that would be easily enable them to produce their patent-pending, injection molded projectile designs that function as well or better than conventional lead-core projectiles. They also wanted to take advantage of advances in material science and manufacturing processes to create ammunition that was also conscious of the environment. 

The designs were unique. These new projectiles would change the way ammunition transfers energy to targets and mitigate traditional challenges such as concentricity and weight variations for projectiles that would function flawlessly in all firearms. 

PolyCase needed a material with a specific density and uniformity, essential to making projectiles that would penetrate soft and intermediate barriers reliably, but that also offered a reduced risk of ricochet when hitting a hard target such as a hardened steel plate. And the projectiles still needed to provide the accuracy and trouble free operation of conventional lead-core ammunition.


The Solution

After experimenting with competitive materials, PolyCase approached Avient with their challenge. The Avient team used their extensive knowledge and experience working with high-density polymers to develop a specialized Gravi-Tech™ high-density polymer composite that met PolyCase’s needs and fit the profile of their proprietary injection molding process. Avient also provided technical support to speed product development and commercial launch.

The Impact

By replacing lead with the Gravi-Tech formulation, PolyCase Ammunition avoids the regulatory, disposal and employee exposure challenges associated with lead. Equally important, end users experience significantly reduced exposure and cleanup costs associated with using lead-core bullets in indoor and outdoor range facilities when hunting and shooting.

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