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Collaborating to Reduce Plastic Ocean Waste Case Study Avient collaborates with Hager Group and Plastic Bank to help reduce ocean-bound plastic waste  View
Running Shoe Insoles Case Study FlexSpring insoles take advantage of unidirectional, continuous fiberglass and thermoplastics to enable next-level performance for the everyday runner. View
Hexagon Digimat Platform Case Study Collaboration with Hexagon and its Digimat Platform to enhance ability to accurately predict part performance View
Wheelchair Caster Wheels Case Study Customer success with Complēt™ Long Fiber to introduce lightweight composite caster wheels for improved wheelchair mobility View
Gun Grip Sleeves Case Study Eco-conscious plastisols improve the firearm experience and meet guidelines  View
Innovative carbon fiber solutions SG pipe replacement Case Study Innovative carbon fiber matrix organizations and infusion formulations enable pipeline renewal View
Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Blower Vacuum Case Study Complēt™ MT 40% Long Glass Fiber Impact Modified Formulation used to produce fans for lawn blowers and vacuums View
Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Piranha Propeller Case Study Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 used in watercraft propeller blade View
Complēt™ Hybrid Moisture Resistant Watercraft Steering Column Case Study Complēt™ Hybrid Moisture Resistant Composite material used to consolidate parts in a personal watercraft steering column View
Complēt™ LFT Automotive Aftermarket Side Step Case Study Complēt™ Long Fiber Reinforced Structural Thermoplastics used in automotive aftermarket side step View
Heat Sink for Rear and Fog Lights Case Study Design freedom, metal replacement and Thermally Conductive Formulations provide powerful solution for Elausa Electronics View
Modular Ballistic Protection Made Possible with Composites - Case Study Case Study Learn how Southern States Supplier used GlasArmor™ ballistic panels to protect electrical substations View
Revolve™ Tripod - Case Study Case Study Learn more on Avient's collaboration with Rolatube for new tripod featuring Polystrand composites View
Hoyt VITALPOINT Grip - Case Study Case Study Learn how Versaflex™ Soft-Touch Thermoplastic Elastomers enhanced accuracy and comfort while maintaining grip design for archery bow View
Humotech Robotic Prosthetic Case Study Learn how composite springs provide flexibility in prosthetic performance and design View
Piranha Propeller - Case Study Case Study Read how long fiber composites helped Piranha Propellers add toughness and design flexibility View
Composite Vibratory Conveyor Springs - Case Study Case Study Manufacturer gains performance and sheds cost with advanced composites View
Wet Grip for Surfboards - SurfCo Hawaii - Case Study Case Study Read how a wet grip TPE eliminated the problem of a slippery surface and enabled SurfCo Hawaii, Inc. to bring an innovative, non-abrasive grip tape to market View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for Automotives - Case Study Case Study Liquid CFAs provide a top tier-1 molder with a consistent solution View
Smartbatch™ Solutions in Patient Mobility - Case Study Case Study Antimicrobial technology, custom colors and performance additives in one masterbatch View
Light Diffusion, Simplified - Case Study Case Study Achieving aesthetics and manufacturing efficiencies with a single Smartbatch solution View
Avient Design Impact Protection Case Study Design and material solutions for protective sports equipment View
Bettcher Industries – Case Study Case Study Metal replacement, design improvements and Complēt™ long fiber technology provide powerful solution for Bettcher Industries View
Disinfectant Resistance for Medical Device Housings - Case Study Case Study Manufacturer boosts disinfectant resistance for medical device housings using Trilliant HC High Performance Formulations View
Chemical Foaming Additives for PVC Processing - Case Study Case Study ColorMatrix™ Excelite™ helped PVC processors optimize performance, control and efficiency in the extrusion process View