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Hoyt VITALPOINT Grip - Case Study Case Study Learn how Versaflex™ Soft-Touch Thermoplastic Elastomers enhanced accuracy and comfort while maintaining grip design for archery bow View
Humotech Robotic Prosthetic Case Study Learn how composite springs provide flexibility in prosthetic performance and design View
Piranha Propeller - Case Study Case Study Read how long fiber composites helped Piranha Propellers add toughness and design flexibility View
Composite Vibratory Conveyor Springs - Case Study Case Study Manufacturer gains performance and sheds cost with advanced composites View
Wet Grip for Surfboards - SurfCo Hawaii - Case Study Case Study Read how a wet grip TPE eliminated the problem of a slippery surface and enabled SurfCo Hawaii, Inc. to bring an innovative, non-abrasive grip tape to market View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for Automotives - Case Study Case Study Liquid CFAs provide a top tier-1 molder with a consistent solution View
Smartbatch™ Solutions in Patient Mobility - Case Study Case Study Antimicrobial technology, custom colors and performance additives in one masterbatch View
Light Diffusion, Simplified - Case Study Case Study Achieving aesthetics and manufacturing efficiencies with a single Smartbatch solution View
Avient Design Impact Protection Case Study Design and material solutions for protective sports equipment View
Bettcher Industries – Case Study Case Study Metal replacement, design improvements and Complēt™ long fiber technology provide powerful solution for Bettcher Industries View
Disinfectant Resistance for Medical Device Housings - Case Study Case Study Manufacturer boosts disinfectant resistance for medical device housings using Trilliant HC High Performance Formulations View
Chemical Foaming Additives for PVC Processing - Case Study Case Study ColorMatrix™ Excelite™ helped PVC processors optimize performance, control and efficiency in the extrusion process View
Premium Spirits Closures - Case Study (Spanish) Case Study Distinguished Gravi-Tech™ high-density closures are focused on luxury perception as showcased in the spirits industry View
Pipette Tips - Case Study Case Study Conductive pipette tip manufacturer uses Trilliant™ HC specialty formulations to increase savings, processing ease, toughness and performance View
Therapy Device - Case Study Case Study Versalloy™ used to provide brand distinction and durability for BiowavePRO® non-invasive neuromodulation system View
Category Cables - Case Study Case Study Maxxam™ FR Polypropylene Solutions provide cost savings and improve data processing capabilities View
Kitchen Knife Handles - Case Study Case Study Cutlery manufacturer expands product line with dishwasher-safe knife handles featuring stainless steel-filled Gravi-Tech™ compound View
Contact Lens Container - Case Study Case Study Custom Versaflex™ formulation enhances contact lens container manufacturing productivity View
Cables - Case Study Case Study Cable manufacturer rebounds with specialized color and additive masterbatches by utilizing Colorant Chromatics™ View
Plastic Piping System Flapper Valve - Case Study Case Study Gravi-Tech™ density modified formulations replaces brass in pipe valve View
Medical Hoses - Case Study Case Study Versalloy formulation boosts productivity for medical hose manufacturer View
Water Storage and Purification Equipment - Case Study Case Study Laser-marking additive, an authentication additive, and colorant— bundled into a single Smartbatch™ concentrate  View
Railway Cables - Case Study Case Study ECCOH™ cable compounds meet London Underground requirements for low smoke and toxicity View
Computer Mouse - Case Study Case Study Versaflex™ TPE used to create ergonomic computer mouse with soft-touch qualities View
OnCap™ Denesting - Case Study Case Study Avient offers OnCap™ Denesting additive solutions to enable effective package separation and improve manufacturing operations such as mold release during thermoforming and packaging pick and place operations View