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The ColorWorks Design Center in Phoenix, AZ Video Take a peek at this stunning, state-of-the art center View
Avient Technologies on the Walmart Circular Connector Video Sustainable solutions to accelerate packaging innovation. View
High-Reliability Aircraft Cable Solutions Video Discover the precision engineering behind high-reliability aircraft cable solutions in this informative video by Avient View
Explore the power of polymer solutions for hygiene & medical nonwovens Video Discover how Avient's polymer colorants and additives can help increase the performance and appeal of nonwovens used in hygiene and medical applications View
Versaflex™ HC Material for Biopharmaceutical Tubing Video Watch to learn more on the benefits of using Versaflex™ HC BT218 for biopharmaceutical tubing View
Aviation Interiors: Durability & Aesthetic Appeal Video In this video, we explore the challenges faced by aviation interiors when it comes to maintaining both durability and aesthetic appeal and how Avient's portfolio can help solve those challenges.  View
Deep Black for Polyester Textiles Video Discover Avient's deep black colorants specially developed to provide intense jetness to spun-dyed polyester textiles. View
Vibration Damping Thermoplastic Elastomers Video Learn how Avient can help unwanted movement and noise in your products with vibration damping thermoplastic elastomers.   View
Cesa™ Unify™ A4R Polyolefin Compatibilizer Additive Video Watch to learn how Cesa™ Unify™ A4R helps bring incompatible polymers, such as PP and PE, together by forming them into a homogenous polymer mixture that increases mechanical properties based on polymer modification. View
Hiformer™ Nox™ A4R Liquid Antioxidant Additives Video Discover Hiformer™ Nox™ A4R Liquid Antioxidant Additives for post-consumer recycling. View
Syncure™ XLPE 200 Series Formulations without DBDPE Video Learn about the DBDPE-free formulations in the Syncure™ XLPE 200 Series that satisfy regulatory and flame performance demands for low voltage cable systems. View
Avient's Value-added Services Video We're here to help you with a broad range of world-class services. View
Engineered Polymer Materials for EV Batteries Video Learn more about advanced polymer technologies that enhance EV battery design and performance to enable benefits such as extended vehicle range, lightweighting and sustainability. View
Advanced Materials for the Outdoors Video High-performance outdoor products require innovative materials. Avient can help, from concept to finished component. View
ColorMatrix™ SOS Small Order Service Video Consider this service for addressing the challenges of ordering small lots of colorants. View
Solutions for EV Charging Stations Video A look at the many ways our colorants and additives can enhance electric vehicle charging equipment. View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ Priming and Calibration Video Learn about priming and calibration for the FlexCart™. View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ Priming and Extrusion Video Learn about priming and extrusion for the FlexCart™ View
Renol™ Fiber Colorants for Dope Dyeing Video Learn more about Renol™ Fiber Colorants for Dope Dyeing View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ G Video Learn how to build a FlexCart™ G View
Gordon Composites Springs Video Peak performance is possible with Avient's Gordon Composites springs. Tested to over 1.5 million cycles, our springs are strong, flexible, and capable of deep deflection. View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ Micro Video Learn how to build FlexCart™ Micro View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ Mini Video Learn how to build a FlexCart™ Mini. View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ V2 Video Learn how to build a FlexCart™ V2 View
Avient's Toolkits for TPEs and Specialty Engineered Materials Video Developed to help you learn more about our portfolios of sustainable solutions View