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Webinar: Overmolding with Thermoplastic Composites Webinars & Videos Discover how to combine strength, performance and design flexibility through innovative materials and processes View
Webinar: Accelerate your speed to market Webinars & Videos Industrial design in combination with functional materials improves products and increases speed to market View
Compression Molding CFRTP - Video Webinars & Videos Heat. Form. Cool. Learn how to compression mold with Polystrand CFRTP View
Polystrand Reinforcement: Impact Resistance - Video Webinars & Videos See how thermoplastic composite tapes and laminates boost performance of traditional materials View
How TPEs are Helping the Pharmaceutical Industry Grow - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on the benefits of TPEs in the pharmaceutical industry View
Advances in TPE Overmolding onto Nylon and Other Substrates - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on overmolding with thermoplastic elastomers View
How Packaging Designed with Soft Touch Can Jump Off the Shelf - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on packaging design with soft touch thermoplastic elastomers View
10 Common Mistakes Consumer Electronics Companies Make - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on common mistakes made by consumer electronics companies during material selection process View
Thermochromic Thermoplastic Elastomers - Video Webinars & Videos View our demonstration of color-sensing thermochromic TPEs View
Shape Memory Thermoplastic Elastomers - Video Webinars & Videos Demonstration of shape memory technology in response to thermal stimulus View
Redesigning What's Possible - Video Webinars & Videos Learn how Avient helps customers use the power of polymer technology to make great products. View
One Web Site, Infinite Possibilities - Video Webinars & Videos This video explores how the new can help users explore new ideas and find just the right solution. View
Advanced Composites Webinar Webinars & Videos Take a closer look at the benefits of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.  View
Webinar: Composite Sandwich Panels Webinars & Videos Explore Design & Material Selection of Composite Panels for Structural Components View
Lead Replacement to Achieve Radiation Shielding in Healthcare - Video Webinars & Videos Lead replacement to achieve radiation shielding in healthcare View
Innovation at Avient Idea Center - Video Webinars & Videos Discover how Avient helps customers innovate and differentiate View
InVisiO Color - Insight, Vision, Intelligent Operations - Video Webinars & Videos Explore the ways InVisiO works across your entire design process to provide market, technological and operational insight that inspires creative innovation View
Vibration Damping TPEs - Video Webinars & Videos Explore how this technology can reduce the effects of impact and vibration View
Solving Skin Irritation with Wearable Devices - Video Webinars & Videos View our webinar on causes and remedies for skin irritation from wearable devices View