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Geotexiles - PP Nonwoven Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) Cesa™ Light Additives provided high concentrate UV protection in nonwoven textiles with dosage at 50% View
Outdoor Chair Case Study (Snapshot) Smartbatch™ Combination Colorants and Additives provided cost effectiveness by combining colorant and UV additive solutions View
Surgical Drapes & Gowns Case Study (Snapshot) Mevopur™ Healthcare Colorants and Formulations met industry standards and offered custom colors View
Sign Board Protective Tape Case Study (Snapshot) OnColor™ Polymer Colorants provided excellent dispersion with highly concentrated TiO2 View
Catering Food Trays Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ PES Green Color Concentrate provide customizable high-performance solution able to withstand multiple cleaning cycles with detergents View
Consumer and Aerospace Molders Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ and BASF Ultrason® high-performance polymers in metallic colors provided lightweight and food contact-approved colors solutions for molders View
Orange Nylon Colorants for High-Voltage EV Connectors (English) Application Overview Learn more about orange nylon colorants for high-voltage EV connectors (English language version) View
Explore the power of polymer solutions for hygiene & medical nonwovens Video Discover how Avient's polymer colorants and additives can help increase the performance and appeal of nonwovens used in hygiene and medical applications View
Surgical Instrument - Endoscope Components Case Study (Snapshot) Transcend™ Premier PPSU Healthcare Pre-colored Solutions offer excellent resistance to steam sterilization and chemical resistance for surgical instruments View
Aviation Interiors: Durability & Aesthetic Appeal Video In this video, we explore the challenges faced by aviation interiors when it comes to maintaining both durability and aesthetic appeal and how Avient's portfolio can help solve those challenges.  View
Airplane Cabin Interior Parts Case Study (Snapshot) Colorant Chromatics™ PES/PPSU delivered consistent distribution and dispersion in high-temperature polymers, resulting in improved mechanical properties and performance View
Colorants & Additives for Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Wire & Cable Applications Product/Service Overview Learn more about our portfolio of colorants and additives for TPU in wire and cable applications View
Deep Black for Polyester Textiles Video Discover Avient's deep black colorants specially developed to provide intense jetness to spun-dyed polyester textiles. View
Colorants and Additives for Wire & Cable Product Selection Guide Learn more about our portfolio for wire and cable applications View
Renol™ Fiber Colorants Deep Black Colorants for PET Fibers Product/Service Overview Overview of Renol fiber colorants that achieve deep black shades in spun-dyed polyester and polyamide yarns. View
Hiformer™ Nox™ A4R Liquid Antioxidant Additives Video Discover Hiformer™ Nox™ A4R Liquid Antioxidant Additives for post-consumer recycling. View
OnColor Colorants Laundry Detergent Bottle Case Study (Snapshot) OnColor™ Polymer Colorants provided increased PCR and improved color consistency View
OnColor™ Lux Colorants Product/Service Overview Overview of our glow-in-the-dark colorants for automotive, consumer, and E&E products. View
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Market and Solutions Industry Overview Overview of EV charging market and technologies to enhance public charging stations View
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Solutions Product/Service Overview Challenges and solutions for materials used in EV charging stations View
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart™ Priming and Extrusion Video Learn about priming and extrusion for the FlexCart™ View
Renol™ Fiber Colorants for Dope Dyeing Video Learn more about Renol™ Fiber Colorants for Dope Dyeing View
OnColor™ NIR Sortable Black Colorants Video New black colorants from Avient support circular economy and turn former waste into recyclable packaging View
Rejoin PCR Masterbatch for Polyolefins (Chinese) Product/Service Overview Description and Key Characteristics (Chinese language version) View
Lower Exterior Bumper Case Study (Snapshot) Smartbatch™ Combination Colorants and Additives give the metallic look without the paint for an exterior bumper View