PCR Color Prediction Service

A Digital Tool To Support PCR Resin Coloration

Avient’s Color Prediction Service digitally illustrates the color possibilities or limitations of certain types of PCR, simplifying the overall decision-making process for brand owners and technical colorists. 

Based on color science and proven by scientific data, the digital tool can decrease complexity where different grades of PCR are used and is able to help optimize the ratio of virgin resin to PCR, in order to achieve the best acceptable rendering. 

The PCR Color Prediction Service can help shorten the time-to-launch of new product ranges, allowing fast and reliable checks prior to initiating sample development. 

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  • Helps transition to high levels of PCR
  • Facilitates transfer from one PCR to another
  • Works with mixed grades of PCR, both rPET and polyolefins
  • Covers transparent, translucent & opaque colors
  • Globally available with local expertise


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