Nucleating Agent Technology

CESA™ Nucleant Additives

Adds Clarity, Reduces Time

CESA™ Nucleant Additives are mainly used to clarify PP resin. They influence the degree of crystallinity of polymers and therefore can increase hardness, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and yield point, while also helping reduce cycle times. CESA Nucleant Additives greatly improve optical properties such as transparency or translucency.

Chemical foaming agents, materials that generate gas upon decomposition, also act as nucleating agents. The fine-grain spherulite structure of ingredients incorporated in Hydrocerol™ chemical foaming agents make it an ideal nucleating agent in direct gassed PS and polyolefin foams. The nucleating effect results in small cell sizes.

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  • Improves optical properties such as transparency and translucency
  • Increases mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile strength
  • Helps reduce cycle times



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