Antifog for Polyolefin Food Packaging

CESA™ Nofog Plus Additives

Retain Clarity in both Hot Fog and Cold Fog Conditions

With the increasing demand for ready to eat and ready to cook foods, and the growth of the food delivery market, allow consumers to see through the packaging and observe the quality of content and improve hygiene of food packaging is a growing trend.

CESA™ Nofog Plus solutions are quick performing, long lasting and preventing moisture buildup. They work in both hot and cold fog conditions, and in mono and multilayer film, thanks to a combination of multi-additives in the masterbatch formulation that allows good fog clearance performance before and after lamination. 

CESA Nofog Plus materials suitable for thermoformed sheets as well as transparent food packaging films, agricultural and protective films.

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  • Prevent moisture buildup in transparent and tinted polyolefin packaging films
  • Help packaging retain clarity in both hot fog and cold fog conditions
  • Keep food fresh and attractive to consumers
  • Support hygienic concept by limiting growth of bacteria and fungi



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CESA™ Nofog Plus Solutions
Product Series Applications Description/Product Features
CESA™ Nofog Plus Additives Packaging Packaging made with nofog plus additives offer the transparency and fog prevention in both hot and cold conditions
CESA™ Nofog Plus Additives - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Solutions that work in both hot and cold fog conditions and in mono and multilayer film to keep food attractive for longer View