Detectability of Black Packaging

CESA™ IR Black

Aids in Recyclability

CESA™ IR Black masterbatches replace carbon black to make black packaging detectable during the recycling process. The polymer grade of the black packaging can then be successfully identified and the packaging directed to the relevant polymer stream.

Recyclability of Black Plastic Packaging

As products jostle for position on our supermarket shelves, and brands compete for market share, black packaging applications stand out as the cool color of minimalism, power and authority. However, the challenge to packagers is that although the typical pigment for black coloration, carbon black, provides excellent coloration strength and dispersion quality, it covers the polymer spectra during detection, making the packaging difficult to detect and sort by optical sorting systems widely used in plastics recycling. Black plastic applications such as ready-meal trays often end up in a landfill or being recycled into low-value materials. With the increasing demand from consumers and governments for environmentally friendlier products, this issue urgently needs to be addressed.

Replacing Carbon Black and Making it Detectable

To take action on environmental issues, and meet the demands of our customers, we have developed a solution, the new CESA™ IR masterbatches, to replace carbon black in packaging and make it detectable by current sorting technology. This solution improves the IR-detectability of black HDPE and LDPE fractions in injection and extrusion blow-molded products, black polypropylene (PP) in films and injection-molded products, and black PET and C-PET in sheets and film.

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  • Makes black plastic detectable by current sorting technology
  • Highly loaded masterbatches, high coloration strength & dispersion quality
  • Best-in-class solution for circular economy requirements



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