Performance Enhancement Additives

Performance enhancing additives give your product the added dimension it needs to compete and succeed against even the toughest competition. Whether the added technology you choose protects your product from ultraviolet rays, microorganisms or counterfeiters, you can rest assured that there’s no easier way to punch up your product’s behavior than with Avient’s comprehensive selection of additives.

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OnCap™ BIO Additives

Sustainably add antistatic and UV protection to products built from biodegradable resins.


Percept™ Brand Protection Technologies

Percept™ authentication technologies can help to protect your brand, curb counterfeiting and make your product instantly identifiable in the field.


WithStand™ antimicrobial technology

Antimicrobial technology gives your product an added layer of defense from microorganisms that cause stains, discoloration and strong odors. 


Fastmark™ Laser Marking Technology

Take control over the laser-marking process, whether for identification, design or informational purposes.


OnCap™ Anti-Rodent & Anti-Termite Solutions

These solutions safely repel insects and animals with these affordable, are easy to use and non-toxic.


OnCap™ Scratch- & Mar-Resistant Technology

Give your product the extra protection it needs to stand up to daily surface abrasion.


OnCap™ HC Additives for Healthcare

Enhance product performance and improve processing efficiencies for Healthcare applications.

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