OnCap™ PolyFoam™ Foaming Agents

Is lightweighting your goal? Looking to reduce density in structural parts to do it?  Our PolyFoam blowing and foaming agents not only take density to the lowest levels, they can also increase dimensional stability, improve processing, alter surface appearance and provide insulation.  For wire and cable applications, PolyFoam additives can reduce density and improve thermal and acoustical insulating and dielectric properties at the same time. 


PolyFoam concentrates are available as standard products, or can be customized for your specific end-use application, resin, manufacturing process and processing temperature.  PolyFoam blowing and foaming agents are available for most polymer processes, including:

  • Custom injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Pipe extrusion
  • Film and sheet extrusion
  • Wire and cable extrusion

Expansion can take place during the injection molding or extrusion process or during post-forming operations such as thermoforming and laminating.

Available in pellet form, these concentrates can be activated by either endothermic or exothermic chemistry. Many concentrates are blended with proprietary carriers, and as a result of Avient’s advanced processing technology, PolyFoam concentrates can retain 100 percent of their activity level until they are triggered by specific processing temperatures.

These foaming concentrates are an eco-friendly alternative to those containing SVHC-listed chemicals, and are classified as a Avient Sustainable Solution.


OnCap™ PolyFoam™ Foaming Agents
OnCap™ PolyFoam Foaming Agents Custom or standard foaming agents to reduce density, improve processing and alter surface appearance Select from either endothermic or exothermic chemistry Can retain 100% of their activity level until triggered by specific processing temperatures
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