PolyOne InVisiO Color Inspiration 2015 Provides Multidimensional Inspiration for Designers

March 17, 2014

CLEVELAND – PolyOne Corporation (NSYE: POL) a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, today announced the release of itsInVisiO Color Inspiration 2015, a collection of six insightful color directions for designers, brands and marketing managers.

The new color palettes draw on the power of global megatrends and expertise in color research to derive key influences for future creative decision-making. As well as predicting color trends, this year’s collection also captures visual effects and textural influences.  

Fernando Sanchez, director, global marketing, PolyOne Global Color and Additives, commented, “Color Inspiration 2015 provides an additional dimension that helps facilitate the creative process. By considering color, effects and material ideas early on, designers can push past boundaries toward a more novel use of color. We can work in close collaboration with these innovators by tapping into InVisiO services and resources throughout the design development process to rapidly help make their vision a reality.”

Each color story in the collection highlights an influential emerging trend:

  • Follow your Bliss inspires a simple life disconnected from a world full of provocative media, constant hype and manufactured drama. Colors are fresh, playful and evocative of a relaxed, happy-go-lucky vibe. Transparency adds dimension, allowing for the ability to build color or reveal products within packaging.
  • Beyond Land and Sea is an evolution from Color Inspiration 2014’s Blue Movement trend. As we continue to embrace the dichotomy of land and sea, the sheer fragility of the earth is expressed in this relationship, like a wave washing away a castle in the sand. Colors exemplify both the tranquility and ruggedness of these two elements. Like a glimmer of sunlight reflecting off the waves, select hues are dotted with a hint of sparkle. Other textural influences include the colorful layers of rusted paint on boat bottoms, and the choppy nature of crashing surf.
  • Luxury Paradox introduces a new shift in extravagance, where nature is favored over machine. As natural resources become depleted around the world, their use becomes coveted. Colors are extracted from the earthy organic tones of unpolished rocks and minerals. Untreated, coarse, hammered, brushed and oxidized finishes support the tarnished quality of the palette.
  • Future Antique places emphasis on the human desire for engagement, and begins to question the role of authenticity. Today, humble elements such as handwriting and sketches are celebrated for their individuality and incorporated into design. Colors in this palette are developed to connect with both traditional and urbane styles, translating moments through color and texture.
  • Building Blocks catapults us toward the future as the palette for new technologies, such as 3D printing, which are transforming the lens with which we view the world. Much like Color Inspiration 2014’s Global Citizen story, Building Blocks relies on energetic primary colors that serve as a universal language. The continued success of these hues exemplifies the desire for clean, straightforward color. Incorporating translucency allows the lines and layers of an object’s composition to shine through.
  • New Frontier, developed in collaboration with ECKART Effect Pigments (a division of ALTANA), this palette evokes a deep connection to travel in space. No longer reserved for astronauts, space is reimagined as the next playground for extreme adventure and exploration. This cosmic fascination results in out-of-this-world design inspiration with plenty of visual stimulation. The infinite darkness of interstellar space as it contrasts with starlight is reflected in this palette. The colors themselves change as the viewer’s position and light source change, just as in the solar system itself. Elements of sheerness and shine are emphasized in marbled finishes and effects.

Color Inspirations 2015 informs, and is part of, InVisiO Color and Design Services. This series of creative resources and technical support services helps designers and brand owners to drive innovation in plastic product development by leveraging extensive polymer materials and color expertise from PolyOne. For more information, please visit:  


About PolyOne

PolyOne Corporation, with 2013 revenues of $3.8 billion, is a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. The company is dedicated to serving customers in diverse industries around the globe, by creating value through collaboration, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Guided by its Core Values, Sustainability Promise and No Surprises PledgeSM, PolyOne is committed to its customers, employees, communities and shareholders through ethical, sustainable and fiscally responsible principles. For more information, visit  

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